As part of the BELTRAMI Group, we share the same vision and philosophy of sustainable long-term business. We want to prosper together with our customers, employees and suppliers, but equally with those who work at the very bottom of the supply chain. More than simply engaging in philanthropy, we feel responsible for all stakeholders involved in the process of quarrying, producing and trading our product. We take this work very personally, and with our director, Bram Callewier, have pushed for ethical and sustainable trading on a variety of geographical and social fronts.





Our vision: no child is left behind; meaning that no child should be working and every child has the right to a good education and the right to enjoy childhood.

The Indian Sandstone cobble industry is tarnished with stories of poor working conditions, bad labour practices and endemic child labour. While these issues do exist, they are not the whole story. Local people, NGO’s and a number of companies, are working tirelessly to improve the lives of people who work in and around the natural stone industry. Numerous positive, community lead initiatives are taking place.

We write this blog to share the good news stories coming out of this program: creating ’Child Labour Free Zones’ in Budhpura.


Supply Chain Transparency

TFT Responsible Stone Program

TFT is a non profit organisation that helps companies source their products responsibly. TFT works on the ground, in forests, farms and factories across the world, to help companies deliver products that are good for people and the environment. TFT’s membership consists of 86 large global retailers and manufacturers who have made a firm commitment to changing products for good. is an active member of the TFT Responsible Stone Program and is working towards a shared vision to provide responsible stone products that respect the environment and improve people’s lives throughout the supply chain. Our suppliers, shared with BELTRAMI, are audited on a regular basis by an independent third party to ensure compliance with the industry’s most stringent ethical trading standards.