Natural Stone Yard finds peace of mind with

Extensive knowledge, guaranteed pricing and high quality are what first drew Natural Stone Yard to, and they are what will keep Natural Stone Yard coming back.

The perfect solution

Natural Stone Yard is committed to providing its customers with outstanding products at competitive prices and delivering them as quickly as possible. Prior to working with, they spent a significant portion of their time having to manage the order and delivery process. This meant less time working with customers, and less certainty about the cost and quality of the final deliveries.

Since beginning to work with, all that has changed. Not only can they spend more time with customers thanks to’s all-in-one service, but they can also rest assured that the quality and price of every order will be exactly as promised.

Since beginning to work with, our problems have all gone away. Now we’re able to spend more time with customers, and find it much easier to concentrate on selling our products.

Timmy Twomey Managing Director

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A dependable service

For Natural Stone Yard, knowing the final price when they place each order with is a major advantage, and gives them a much more solid foundation from which to do business. Yet it’s not simply the price that they depend on, but the service they receive from that puts them at ease. It’s knowing that is always available to answer their questions, and that any request will always be taken care of within 24 business hours.

No other company can match what does. We have very high hopes to continue working with and to increase our orders with them.

Timmy Twomey Managing Director

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Quality and consistency of product

It was’s vast knowledge of stone, combined with the guaranteed pricing and consistency of product, that first appealed to Natural Stone Yard. Since beginning to work with, Natural Stone Yard has remained impressed by’s understanding of different stones and ability to guide its customers towards the right products for them.

In addition, Natural Stone Yard is always pleased by the quality and consistency of stone in their orders. As they describe it, the colour, size and quality are exactly what they expect each and every time.

I sleep much better at night knowing the stone is going to be right.

Timmy Twomey Managing Director

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Natural Stone Yard

Natural Stone Yard has been importing natural stone worldwide for the past 16 years. As a medium-sized stone merchant focusing on the Irish industry, they provide natural stone to landscapers, building contractors and the general public.

Currently, Natural Stone Yard acquires granite, sandstone and limestone from, and is working towards building up its acquisition to around 50% of its total annual purchases.

Region: Ireland


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